About Us

Who we are

Agracademy works in collaboration with young people, their families, business, academia, national and international partners in Agriculture and modern farming to strengthen leadership capacity.

Knowledgable, skillful and wise leaders will be required to lead prudently in the face of South Africa’s and the World’s food security dilemma.

This project is dedicated to report on the first phase – identifying a new way to do vocational training in agriculture

Our Mission

Build comprehensively into the character, competence and wisdom of South Africa’s future leadership in Agricultural policy and practice

  • Formal Learning
  • Technology-Assisted Communications
  • Whole-person and Wisdom-driven Curriculum
  • Real-Life learning opportunities

Our Vision

A competent core of leaders who values character, knowledge and integrity to guide prudent practice in Agricultural policy and practice.

  • Integrity
  • Trust Relationships
  • Knowledge and Skills Acquisition in Orientation
  • Collective and Community Approach

Endorsements and Memberships