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AgrAcademy Founder Makes $10k Challenge to Donors



‘Today I am putting out a challenge to those who know about and are interested in the grand work I am honoured to be involved in within Vocational Training in Agriculture in the country of my birth, South Africa.

Donate $100 and I will add $25.

The teachers and students at the school I founded in Haarlem in the Southern Cape in South Africa are 1 month away from completing their first unit in Agricultural Science. Sixteen (16) out of the twenty (20) students who started the program will receive a certificate in Plant Production ready to start the next three year study. Eight (8) students are already placed in fully paid employment with our partner, Bluedelite Nursery where even horticulture studies showcases a true learning-and-earning model.

To celebrate this achievement and to continue supporting our teachers and students I commit to add 25% to every donation we receive over the next week ending on 9 July 2022.

That means that I will add 25c to every dollar you donate – I have $10k worth of them! So please go over to our website and donate. Thank you so much for allowing me to ask.’

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